Facebook Ads Campaigns

Facebook Ads Campaigns

I.M.X Media plans and manages your Facebook advertising Campaign professionally to insure maximum reach to the targeted audience and promote your business and services Online. Our Facebook and marketing experts offer creative ideas for managing your ads, paid or organic, that connect your company to more targeted customers and increase your sales.

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How Can You Start Ads Campaign on Facebook? How Much Does It Cost?

You Say the Cost

Depending on your business budget, I.M.X Media sets a customized Ads campaign on Facebook for you. Of course, the more you invest in your campaign, the more results you will receive

Facebook Ads Campaign Is for All Businesses

Facebook ads appear to relevant or targeted audience according to your goals, and here is where I.M.X Media’s experts improve the quality of the Ads and set the targeting standards wisely

Get Quick & True Results

Start your digital marketing with an outstanding Facebook Ads campaign that takes no time and for the lowest cost. Our experts make sure that your Ads appear quickly with the highest quality

What I.M.X Media got when managing your ad campaign via Facebook

Study the business activity of the company and the service you provide and identify the target group most interested in this service or product and thus get the highest sales at the lowest cost.

Add attractive content that matches the culture and age of the target audience by advertising, designing images professionally to deliver the complete idea to the customer.

Run continuous advertising throughout the week, submit weekly reports about the advertising campaign and send it to you.

Our Facebook marketing targets the perfect customers for your company and makes you reach bigger audience and sell more.