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Make Your Business Look And Feel Secured

Your customers look for protection, and having a “https://” protocol is their safeguard. Websites that use SSL Certificate get “Green Check Marks” next to results from Google search making customers instantly feel safe with you.

Let Search Engines Recognize You As a Secured Website

Google makes websites with the green checkmark and “https://” protocol appear first in the search results. Getting SSL Certificate from I.M.X Media makes your business comes first and look both professional & safe.

Prevent Any Important Data from Being Stolen

Users won’t feel safe to share their payment or login information without an SSL certificate. And with it, information is strongly encrypted to maximum protection.

How It Works?

Safety Is First Priority

Once you own an SSL Certificate, the information of your visitors, that they send or receive from your website, gets encrypted which keeps away any spy from knowing any transactions or personal details.

Now Your Website Is Labeled Secured

The “https://” protocol and the padlock icon on address bar make your shoppers rest assured that you care about their privacy. It also enables them to login even in incognito mode and feel comfortable sharing their names, addresses, passwords, and pay online.

Now Your Website Is Proofed Against Spying, Theft & Hacking

After verifying the SSL certificate, users can submit their sensitive information via website like credit card details or passwords. Also, they can apply when forms and applications with personal information are required.

Why do you need security?

Why do you need security?

Website administrators need to be on constant alert for breaches by hackers and data thieves. Your website’s visitors could be putting their personal and financial information at risk every time they access the site, so proving to them that your site is secure is an absolute must.

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